The "Ilano Collection" by USA-Studs, burst onto the scene in 2011 when the creative genius of its founder—Ilan Simantov--could no longer be satisfied with anything less than complete design freedom. After having attended art school in Jerusalem for four years, Ilan Simantov decided to come to America. This was over 35 years ago. Ilan moved to New York City in 1976 and worked in a “diamond house”. In 1985, he opened his own jewelry company, which initially offered stud earrings before expanding to rings, bracelets and other fashion jewelry of multiple designs. The new company was called USA Studs. That year heralded the start of a dynamic career which has grown to its present prestige status through creative innovation and hard work. Today USA Studs distributes throughout the United States. USA Studs is a prime source for fine jewelry. After 30 years in business … Ilan can boast of a expensive line that specializes in items containing diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds, all set in a variety of highly designed bracelets ,earrings , pendants and rings, as well as semi-mount engagement rings and wedding bands. His collection is available in 14 karat,18 karat, as well as platinum. Special custom orders are designed to your specific needs. The "Ilano collection" by USA Studs is proud to introduce new design fashions all created by Ilan Simantov, president of USA Studs. Additionally … Ilan takes great pride in being able to say that his jewelry is made mostly in the United States.