Family owned and operated since 1984, we strive to give the highest quality of service with a high standard of integrity.

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Meet the Team

Patrick Daniel
Sales, Designer Appraisals, Repairs

Patsy Daniel
Sales, Marketing, Management

Patrick Mosley
Sales and Management

Tabitha Mosley
Sales, Marketing, Data Entry

Robert Gonzalez
Goldsmith, Designer, Maintenance, Shop

CoCo Mosley
Store Mascot

About Danwerke

"If you can think it, we can make it!" Many of our customers have enjoyed the pieces that we have designed and made for them. We can make a piece that is what you have dreamed of. With skills mastered in every material, our designers can make a special, one of a kind piece for you.

Danwerke about us

Maintenance: Like many other valuable items, your jewelry needs maintenance to keep it looking and functioning like new. We never want you to lose a precious stone due to lack of routine maintenance. Periodically we should inspect your rings, necklaces, etc., to insure that normal wear is not about to cause damage that can result in costly repair or replacement.